Cisco Content Security Field Specialist (CCSFS)

The Cisco Content Security Field Specialist Certification must be obtained by a Field Engineer at organizations that wish to be recognized as a Advanced Content Security Specialized Partner.
As part of the phased transition to full integration into Cisco, the FY12 Cisco IronPort® Channel Partner Program will change to fully align with the Cisco Resale Channel Program. To continue to receive benefits, partners must transition from the IronPort Certification to a Cisco® Security Specialization and one of the Cisco certifications in FY13. Borderless Network Architecture and Advanced Security are other Specializations for Security related partners of Cisco.
Partners must achieve Advanced Content Security Specialization by the end of Q1, FY 13 (27 Oct, 2012) in order to qualify for the FY13 Content Security Rebate Program. When content security products become orderable on Cisco, partners must be security specialized to qualify for Cisco’s VIP rebate program.

Recommended training for this certification




Web Security for Field Engineers (#650-568 WSFE)
Email Security for Field Specialist (#650-153 ESFE)