DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (DO500)

Detailed Course Outline

What is DevOps?

  • Brainstorm and explore what principles, practices, and cultural elements make up a DevOps model for software design and development.

Pairing and mobbing

  • Discuss and experience two foundational practices: pair programming and mob programming.

Retrospectives, information radiators, and team sentiment

  • Examine the value of conducting retrospectives, visualizing work, and assessing team sentiment.

Impact mapping

  • Discuss the impact mapping discovery practice.

Agile practices

  • Cover agile practices, including sprint planning, daily stand-up, showcase, retrospective, and backlog refinement

Value stream and process mapping

  • Delve into the practices of value stream mapping and metricbased process mapping.

Continuous integration, deployment, and delivery

  • Explore the foundational practices of continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous delivery.

Event storming

  • Learn how to use the event storming discovery practice.

User story mapping and value slicing

  • Examine the user story mapping, value slicing, and empathy mapping practices.

Automated testing, part 1

  • Develop an understanding of the test-driven development and business-driven development foundational practices, often referred to as automated testing.

Automated testing, part 2

  • Complete the automated testing lab begun in part 1.

Pipelines as code

  • Explore continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines using Jenkins

Non-functional testing

  • Discover the merits of non-functional testing.

Build monitoring

  • Understand how to monitor builds and graphically represent their status as an information radiator.

Demo day

  • Experiment with the optimal methods of producing a showcase and bring the class to a close