Arista Management Essentials (AME)


A qui s'adresse cette formation

This course is recommended for network architects, network engineers, and network operators who are looking to modernize and automate the management and operations of their Arista EOS devices.


A basic knowledge of Arista EOS and configuration is required for AME. The Arista Configuration Essentials (ACE) course is highly recommended. At a minimum, you should have a working knowledge of L2 and L3 networking concepts and be comfortable with: CLI configuration, Arista Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), and switch image upgrades. Familiarity with VXLAN and Python are a plus, but not required.


This 2-day, instructor-led, hands-on, course covers an in-depth look at using Arista CloudVision to manage and operate Arista devices through the programmability of the Arista EOS® (Extensible Operating System) software. The course provides an overview of the architecture and operation of the CloudVision platforms. It also introduces the concepts of a hierarchical policy based configuration model through the use of configlets and automation through the use of configlet builders. The course also highlights how Cloudvision streamlines and modernizes operation through change control, zero touch replacement, switch image upgrades, bug alerts, network wide telemetry and API integration.


Day 1:

  • CloudVision Overview
  • CloudVision UI Intro and Navigation
  • Introduction to Configlets
  • Configlet Builder
  • CloudVision Exchange

Day 2:

  • Change Control in CloudVision
  • Switch Image Upgrades using CloudVision
  • Zero Touch Replacement with CloudVision
  • CloudVision Application Maintenance
  • Telemetry in CloudVision
  • CloudVision API Integration

Hands-on Labs:

  • Lab 1: Navigating CloudVision Portal (CVP)
  • Lab 2: Initial Setup with ZTP
  • Lab 3: Configlet Management
  • Lab 4: Configlet Builder
  • Lab 5: Change Control Management
  • Lab 6: Switch Image Upgrades
  • Lab 7: CloudVision Portal Application Maintenance
  • Lab 8: Network Telemetry
  • Lab 9: Cloudvision Python API
Formation en ligne

Durée 2 jours

Classroom training

Durée 2 jours

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Formation en mode FLEX™, à la fois à distance et en présentiel. Tous nos cours FLEX sont aussi des ILO (Instructor-Led Online).
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Formation en mode FLEX™, à la fois à distance et en présentiel. Tous nos cours FLEX sont aussi des ILO (Instructor-Led Online).

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