Configuring ACI in the Cisco Nexus Data Center (CACND)


Course Overview

Configuring Cisco ACI™ in the Cisco Nexus® Data Center (CACND) is an instructor-led course offered by Learning Services High-Touch Delivery that provides you with the advanced knowledge and skill sets required to successfully deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) in a data center environment.

A qui s'adresse cette formation

This course is designed for network and data center engineers who are tasked with the installation and operation of the Cisco ACI solution in a data center environment and want to upgrade their skills. The primary audience for this course also includes:

  • Data center engineers
  • Technical support personnel


Following are the prerequisites for this course:

  • Complete knowledge of traditional networking
  • Data center and virtualization knowledge (recommended)


After completing this course, you should be able to describe the changing dynamics of the modern data center, including being able to:

  • Describe the philosophy behind the Cisco ACI Model
  • Describe and Configure the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series of Switches
  • Configure the Cisco APIC
  • Configure Cisco ACI Management
  • Perform monitoring and troubleshooting with Cisco ACI


You learn the fundamental concepts that the Cisco ACI solution and its operational elements are built on, and you explore in detail the hardware components used, namely the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches and the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC). You learn how to configure the various parts of the Cisco ACI environment to create a fully functional data center network based on this new technology. You also study troubleshooting through specific exercises and learn how to migrate a traditional data center environment to the Cisco ACI solution.

This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to make sure that you are able to successfully deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot a Cisco ACI environment.

The course outline is as follows:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Cisco ACI
  • Module 2: Cisco ACI Component Architecture
  • Module 3: Cisco ACI Configuration and Operation
Lab Outline

The lab outline is as follows:

  • Lab 1: Exploring the Cisco ACI Fabric
  • Lab 2: Exploring the Cisco APIC
  • Lab 3: Configuring Cisco ACI Operational Elements
  • Lab 4: Configuring Cisco ACI External Connectivity
  • Lab 5: Cisco ACI Troubleshooting
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