Multicloud Management with Cisco CloudCenter Suite (CLDCCS)


Course Overview

The course, Mulitcloud Management with Cisco® CloudCenter Suite (CLDCCS) v1.0 is an intensive training course that teaches you to securely design, automate, and deploy applications across multiple clouds while optimizing cost and compliance with comprehensive reporting, visibility, and policy-enforcement. Through a combination of lessons with hands-on lab exercises, you will learn to simplify the lifecycle management of multicloud applications, workflows, and their infrastructure.

A qui s'adresse cette formation

This course is ideal for developers and engineers including:

  • Cloud administrators
  • Cloud solution architects
  • Customer sales engineers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Sales engineers
  • Systems engineers
  • Technical solutions architects


Before enrolling in this course, you should have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Data center experience
  • Operating systems and virtualization experience
  • Understanding of server system design and architecture
  • Familiarity with public cloud concepts and n-tier application designing
  • Familiarity with Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS®), networking and storage concepts

The following Cisco courses may help you meet these prerequisites:


After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain business and technical challenges of going to the cloud
  • Understand benefits of an application-centric hybrid cloud multicloud management platform
  • Navigate Cisco CloudCenter Suite architecture
  • Understand Cisco CloudCenter Suite administrative capabilities including cloud management, multi-tenancy, governance, and policy enforcement
  • Describe application lifecycle management and provisioning in cloud
  • Describe how to use Cisco CloudCenter Suite to manage the workloads in multicloud

This course will help you:

  • Acquire the advanced skills and techniques for API calls, that can deploy and manage workloads in multiple environments without having deep cloud expertise
  • Learn provisioning and orchestration, cost management, and workload optimization by leveraging cloud management


Understanding Cloud Transitions

  • Overview of Traditional IT

Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Suite

  • Cisco CloudCenter Suite Definition

Setting Up Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager

  • Artifact Repository Overview and Configuration

Understanding User Administration and Multitenancy in Cisco CloudCenter Suite

  • Cisco CloudCenter Suite User Roles

Grasping Application Modeling in Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager

  • Model an Application

Identifying Resource Placement Callouts and Lifecycle Actions in Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager

  • Resource Placement and Validation Callout

Understanding Application Deployment Framework in Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager

  • Workload Manager Application Parameters

Exploring Application Services in Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager

  • Application Services Framework

Integrating Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager with Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure

  • Configure CloudCenter Workload Manager for Cisco ACI

Introducing Application Management in Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager

  • Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager Actions Library

Exploring Advanced Features in CloudCenter Workload Manager

  • Scheduling an Application in Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager

Comprehending Policies and Tagless Governance in CloudCenter Workload Manager

  • Cisco CloudCenter Workload Manager Policies

Introducing Action Orchestrator and Cost Optimizer in Cisco CloudCenter Suite

  • Action Orchestrator in Cisco CloudCenter Suite
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Durée 3 jours

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