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This course is intended for system and network administrators responsible for installation, setup, configuration, and administration of the BIG-IP VIPRION System.


Prior to attending Configuring BIG-IP on VIPRION, the student must have attended one of the following courses or passed the following exam:
  • Administering BIG-IP v12
  • Configuring BIG-IP LTM v12
  • Changes in BIG-IP LTM v12

The student can also benefit from attending Configuring BIG-IP LTM and several months experience configuring the BIG-IP LTM product before attending this course.

Students should also understand:
  • Common Security and Network terminology
  • TCP/IP Addressing, Routing and Internetworking concepts
  • Security Authorization and Authentication concepts
  • Common elements of WAN and LAN environments


By course completion, the student should be able to identify various VIPRION chassis and hardware options, perform an initial configuration of the BIG-IP® VIPRION for both CMP and vCMP configurations~options, and configure host and guests. Additionally, the student should be able to monitor, administer, and perform basic troubleshooting tasks on traffic processed by the BIG-IP® VIPRION System.


  • VIPRION chassis and blade hardware options overview
  • Installation, license and setup of the BIG-IP® VIPRION System
  • Configuring Clustered Multi-Processing (CMP)
  • Configuring virtual CMP (vCMP) host and guests
  • Inter and Intra High-Availability
  • Lab Projects
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Formation en ligne Fuseau horaire: Central Daylight Time (CDT) Langue: Espagnol