Kaspersky Security for Virtualization. Agentless (014.30)

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A qui s'adresse cette formation

Customers and partners who use virtual environments.


  • Basic knowledge of virtualization, VMware vSphere and ESX hypervisor
  • Basic skills of using Kaspersky Security Center

Prior to taking this training, we strongly recommend attending the course Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management. Fundamentals (002.10)


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the capabilities of Kaspersky Security for Virtualization and explain its advantages when compared with the traditional protection solutions
  • Deploy protection in a virtualized datacenter
  • Configure protection policies and use the monitoring tools of Kaspersky Security Center and VMware vSphere for maintenance


Course KL 014.30 is devoted to Kaspersky Security for Virtualization: Agentless. This product is designed to protect VMware vSphere virtual environments and allows considerably decreasing the deployment and support expenses by removing the agent from the protected virtual machines.

The course instructs technical experts how to prepare the virtual environment and install KSV. Protection setup and maintenance are covered.

Classroom training
Modality: C

Durée 1 jour

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