Data Protector 10.x Essentials (DP120)


Course Overview

Data Protector 10 is the first major release for 3 years, and marks a huge moment in the Data Protector history with the introduction of the first phase of the new web user interface, along with huge changes to the underlying security model and many more improvements detailed in the product announcements and release notes. Data Protector 10.0x course provides the essential knowledge to enable storage administrators to configure and manage Data Protector software. The hands-on lab exercises reinforce the theory sessions to ensure a thorough understanding of backup and recovery concepts, the functionality of the software and its application to typical storage implementations.

A qui s'adresse cette formation

Storage and system administrators using Data Protector software, System Engineers, Consultants, Project Managers, Professional Services, and Sales.


To be successful in this course, you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge :

  • System and Network Administration or equivalent experience


Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to :

  • Install and distribute Data Protector Software in your environment
  • Configure the Data Protector Software product
  • Configure your tape and disk-based backup solutions for use with Data Protector Software
  • Use Data Protector software to run backups and restores, and monitor these sessions from both the Data Protector GUI and command line
  • Manage the Data Protector software Internal Database (IDB)
  • Create custom reports and notification procedures
  • Secure your installation with secure communication
  • Prepare your client to recover from a disaster situation
  • Prepare your backup environment for disaster situation
  • Understand the Data Protector processes and perform basic troubleshooting of your installation


  • Module 1: Course Overview
  • Module 2: Adaptive Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • Module 3: Data Protector Architecture
  • Module 4: Data Protector Installation
  • Module 5: Licensing and Product Structure
  • Module 6: Backup Devices
  • Module 7: Media Management
  • Module 8: Backup Specification
  • Module 9: Restoring Capabilities
  • Module 10: Sessions, Reports, and Notifications
  • Module 11: Copying and Verifying Media and Objects
  • Module 12: Internal Database
  • Module 13: Deduplication
  • Module 14: Access Control and Security
  • Module 15: Disaster Recovery
  • Module 16: Auto Replication Sync
  • Module 17: Data Protector Patch Installation
  • Module 18: Troubleshooting
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