Data Protector Essentials v10.x ASP Exam (DP120E)



This exam verifies and validates that you can understand the essential concepts and usage of Micro Focus Data Protector Software along with some advanced features and also the following: Install and distribute Micro Focus Data Protector Software in your environment, Configure the Micro Focus Data Protector Software Product, Configure your tape and disk-based backup solutions for use with Micro Focus Data Protector Software, Understand the Data Protector processes and perform basic troubleshooting of your installation.


The exam consists of the following:

  • Number of items: 50
  • Exam time: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Passing score:70%

Each question has a time duration of 120 seconds or 2 minutes to be attempted by the student, failure to mark a response within the stipulated time will move the student to the next question on the block.

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Durée 1 jour

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  • France: US$ 200,-

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