ArcSight Transformation Hub Essentials (ESMTH250)


Course Overview

Learn the essentials of ArcSight Transformation Hub installment, deployment, and basic operations. This course is a good starting point for recognizing the ArcSight Data Platform (ADP) with a focus on Transformation Hub. You will learn about the new ADP topology and how ArcSight Transformation Hub consumes and produces event data, as well as successfully installing, deploying, and troubleshooting some common issue with the Transformation Hub shutdown/reboot and installation. This course will cover building topics and partitions within Transformation Hub UI, plus maintenance, and monitoring components and event flow through the ArcSight Installer UI and ArcMC.

A qui s'adresse cette formation

This course is intended for Security Professionals, System Administrators, and end users who are new to Transformation Hub in the ADP and who are responsible for maintenance and operations


To be successful in this course, you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge:

  • High speed Internet connection
  • Web browser (IE9+ or Firefox 8.5+), note: Chrome is not compatible
  • Understanding of ArcSight ESM, SmartConnectors, Logger and Management Center
  • Basic understanding of web technologies, such as IP addresses, network assets
  • Basic understanding of Linux and Windows Command Line language
  • Have an interest in cybersecurity


Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Install and deploy Transformation Hub and its components (Producers and Consumers)
  • Successfully troubleshoot any installation or deployment issues
  • Install Connectors and Collectors as Producers
  • Configure ESM and Logger as Consumers
  • Navigate and maintain all systems from ArcMC topology views
  • Operate Transformation Hub by adjusting data flow through Routing, Topics, and Security


  • Module 1: Transformation Hub Overview
  • Module 2: Install and Deployment
  • Module 3: Producing and Consuming Event Data in Transformation Hub
  • Module 4: Transformation Hub Operations
  • Module 5: ArcMC Transformation Hub Management
  • Module 6: Connector on Transformation Hub (CTH)
  • Module 7: Kafka and Kubernetes in Transformation Hub
  • Module 8: Health Checks
  • Module 9: Troubleshooting
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Durée 4 jours

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