Operations Bridge Manager 2019.x Essentials (OBM120)


Course Overview

Operations Bridge Manager (formerly known as Operations Manager i) is the core component of the Micro Focus Operations Bridge solution. Thisfive-day, entry level, instructor-led training course offers technical personnel, who are new to Operations Bridge and Operations Bridge Manager, the opportunity to develop hands-on experience in applying the fundamental principles, methodologies, and capabilities for managing events using OBM. This course includes hands-on labs that use the ITOM Container Deployment Foundation (CDF) platform and version 2019.08 of the OBM software.

A qui s'adresse cette formation

This course is intended for:

  • IT Tools engineers
  • Operations staff
  • Operations managers
  • Availability engineers
  • System administrators
  • Network administrators


To be successful in this course, you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge:

  • IT operations principles and practices
  • Systems and network administration
  • Industry-standard operating systems
  • Network, system, and application monitoring principles and practices


Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Use OBM to effectively identify, prioritize, and resolve events
  • Create event dashboards to meet the information needs of specific users
  • Identify the health of services and technology components based on Health Indicators (HIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) presented in OBM
  • Create and use OBM performance dashboards
  • Create and use OBM tools
  • Manage OBM user access and permissions
  • Deploy Monitoring configuration to SiteScope
  • Create and tune OBM notifications
  • Assign monitoring to CIs using Monitoring Automation (MA)
  • Create Policy templates for monitoring Service/Process, Log files, SNMP Traps etc.
  • Create Aspects and Management templates in for ease of Monitoring deployment
  • Create and Exporting OBM Content packs
  • Manage Downtime events and notifications
  • Describe OBM Architecture and Deployment
  • Use OBM Self-monitoring capability and monitoring Operations agent health
  • Perform administration and troubleshooting tasks in OBM


  • Module 1: Course Overview
  • Module 2: Operations Bridge Overview
  • Module 3: OBM Overview
  • Module 4: Event Perspective
  • Module 5: Event Browser (HTML)
  • Module 6: Performance Perspective
  • Module 7: Health Perspective
  • Module 8: Monitoring Dashboards
  • Module 9: OBM Tools
  • Module 10: RTSM Overview
  • Module 11: Setting-up Monitoring
  • Module 12: Monitoring Automation Overview
  • Module 13: Monitoring Automation Workflow
  • Module 14: Policy Templates
  • Module 15: Logfile Policy Templates
  • Module 16: Service/Process Monitoring Policy Templates
  • Module 17: Open Message Interface Policy Templates
  • Module 18: SNMP trap Policy Templates
  • Module 19: Aspects
  • Module 20: Monitoring OBM and Data Collectors
  • Module 21: User Management
  • Module 22: OBM Administration
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Durée 5 jours

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Formation en ligne Fuseau horaire: Heure d'été d'Europe centrale (HAEC)
Formation en ligne Fuseau horaire: Heure d'été d'Europe centrale (HAEC)
Formation en ligne Fuseau horaire: Heure d'été d'Europe centrale (HAEC) garanti !
Formation en ligne Fuseau horaire: Heure d'été d'Europe centrale (HAEC)