Aruba Accredited SD-WAN Expert (AASX)

Why earn this credential?
  • Position yourself as a trusted networking professional who understands Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise data routing through the network including EdgeHA and local internet breakout, routing protocols such as OSPF and BGP, policies, route maps, data security, regional routing, and segmentation.
  • Advance your career as an accredited expert who can implement a modern networking solution to meet the challenges of optimizing and securing distributed enterprise networks.

This exam is targeted to members deployment teams who work with network integrations. Typical candidates for this exam are networking IT professional with several years’ experience with networking.

Skill Level: Specialist

This credential validates knowledge and skills in these key areas:
  • IP Service Level Agreements
  • Route & Path Selection
  • Policies
  • Loopback Interfaces
  • Edge HA
  • BGP & OSPF
  • Route Maps
  • Data Security
  • Zone-Based Firewall
  • Regional Routing & Segmentation


The Deploying Aruba SD-WAN Technologies and the Advanced SD-WAN Deployments courses are a prerequisite for the Aruba Accredited SD-WAN Expert.

Recommended training for this certification

  • Deploying Aruba SD-WAN Technologies
  • Advanced SD-WAN Deployments


Candidates must pass the Aruba Accredited SD-WAN Expert assessment.


The Aruba Accredited SD-WAN Expert is valid for two years from date achieved.

To renew you must pass the current assessment before the expiration date.