Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Entry-level Technician (PCCET)

The PCCET certification is a knowledge-based certification that validates candidates' understanding of fundamental cybersecurity, network security, cloud security, and SOC security.

Certification Objectives

The PCCET certification is the first of its kind credential to cover foundational knowledge of industry recognized cybersecurity and network security concepts as well as various cutting-edge advancements across all Palo Alto Networks technologies. As the cybersecurity landscape becomes more complex, Palo Alto Networks Education Services has taken steps to align with industry standards following the NIST/NICE (National Institute of Standards and Technology/National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) workforce framework.

Target Audience

The PCCET certification is designed for students, technical professionals, as well as any non-technical individuals interested in validating comprehensive knowledge on current cybersecurity tenets.


This certification has no prerequisites. Recommended training includes the Cyber Security Foundation digital learning courses; Introduction to Cybersecurity, Fundamentals of Network Security, Fundamentals of Cloud Security, and Fundamentals of Security Operations Center (SOC), as well as use of the Palo Alto Networks Cyber Security Academy Cybersecurity Survival Guide.