Securing Apps with F5 Solutions (TRG-BIG-SEC-2) - Lab Topology


Lab Topology

Day 1:

Lab 1: Adding Traffic Management Directional Controls Lab 2: Adding L3/4 Firewall Protections and Traffic Inspection Lab 3: Implementing L7 Protections for a Vulnerable Web Application Lab 4: Protecting DNS Services Lab 5: Defending Against L4 DoS Attacks at the Global Context Lab 6: Defending Against L4 DoS Attacks at the Virtual Server Context Lab 7: Defending Against L7 DoS Attacks

Day 2:

Lab 8: Detecting Client-Side Malware Lab 9: Deploying Client-Side Application Layer Encryption Lab 10: Detecting Client-Side Automatic Transaction Lab 11: Implementing Access Controls Lab 12: Implementing Multi-Domain Sign-On Lab 13: Implementing Single Sign-On to Applications Lab 14: Defending on Your Own Terms