Looker Developer Deep Dive (LDDD) - Lab Topology


Lab Topology

Lab 1 - Starter LookML Cleanup

  • Identify common issues left by Looker’s LookML auto-generator
  • Cleanup explores
  • Cleanup views
  • Test changes

Lab 2 - Extending LookML wth PDTs and Aggregate Tables

  • Improve usability and performance of views
  • Add a new derived table
  • Customize a derived table with different filter options

Lab 3 - Enhancing LookML Flexibility with Liquid

  • Create a dynamic dimension using a Liquid parameter
  • Create a dynamic dimension using templated filters
  • Make UI improvements with custom links and HTML formatting

Lab 4 - Modularize your LookML

  • Move the aggregate table definition into a refinement
  • Add a manifest and a project constant
  • Use Looker extends to cut down on replicated configurations

Lab 5 - Testing and debugging LookML

  • Identify and fix validation errors and warnings
  • Fix logic errors
  • Add Looker tests

Lab 6 - Implementing LookML Best Practices

  • Add descriptions and groups
  • Improve location drilling support