Fast Lane offers a unique Expert-for-Hire (E4H)™ service that, when combined with training, provides a complete knowledge and skills transfer plus coaching and mentoring experience for accelerated deployments.

Using combinations of instructor-led courses, virtual online and e-learning courses, hands-on intensive labs, seminars or Q&A days, Fast Lane closes knowledge and talent gaps in a timely, made-to-order, and effective manner.

E4H can also expand into longer-term staff augmentation engagements using any of the services listed below.

Fast Lane experts are here to support critical parts of your business. This includes Solution Architects (SA) and Field Engineers (FE) who are trained in building and operating a variety of implementations. Our E4H service provides the resources required to perform various mutually agreeable services operating under your daily direction on a Time and Materials basis.

E4H is offered in half-day increments depending on your specific needs. Contact us and let one of our Sales Consultants help you determine the best solution and duration needed.

Below are a few examples of our E4H services:

Cloud Services

Fast Lane provides consulting services for our customers. Whether your solution is in the design phase, has already been deployed, needs to be fully in the cloud or integrated with services and data in your datacenter, we can help design and implement a solution to meet your needs.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients have a great cloud experience. If you are looking to deploy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for hosting core services like email, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for getting servers out of your datacenter, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for deploying applications, implementing a private cloud using Hyper-V, or all of the above, we can help.

Data Migration

  • Your infrastructure needs to support any increase in services, users and data associated with a cloud migration project. Network infrastructure becomes a critical resource for your organization and balancing high-performance, agility and security considerations is a constant challenge.
  • We are here to support your journey from existing legacy networks to a state-of-the-art, software-defined infrastructure including cloud solutions using various automation and orchestration technologies.


Vulnerability Assessments

  • Safeguard your IT infrastructure with regular vulnerability assessments to check network and/or web application components.

Mentoring/Coaching/Shadowing (including Mentored Install)

  • This service consists of one or more on-site design and deployment workshops including related knowledge transfer and additional mentoring once the workshops have been completed. The purpose of these workshops is to help you deploy solutions with expert assistance in a controlled and mentored environment, thus optimizing your investment in technology, time to deploy and effectiveness of the implementation.


  • If the desired solution involves a considerable amount of customization and/or programming, this service is designed to build a fully functional prototype in order to validate all aspects of the design before moving to a rollout of the solution.

Post-Onsite Tailored Knowledge Transfer

  • White boarding and best practices tailored to your environment
  • Over the shoulder shadowing during an install or rack and stack
  • Network Optimization Best Practices


Sales Readiness Diagnostics

  • Evaluate the current state of your sales enablement practices to identify where you can increase effectiveness and better support your sales force.

Sales Enablement Advisory Services

  • Our advisory services will help you reach decisions faster and with greater confidence.

GTM & Sales Strategy

Knowledge Transfer & Documentation

Customer Engagement Workshops

  • Role-playing
  • Flipped Classrooms