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Award for Multi Vendor Lab Infrastructure including NetApp FlexPod

Fast Lane receives „NetApp Partner Award“

Fast Lane receives the „NetApp Partner Award“ at the NetApp Innovation Conference on February 22nd in Berlin (

The company received the award partly for having set up pioneering remote labs over the last three years. These multi-vendor environments enable training participants to access specific courses that prepare them for using NetApp, Cisco and VMware technologies in the workplace. The core of the lab infrastructure of the Fast Lane training centers in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg is comprised of redundantly-configured NetApp 3140/3210 clusters running in a unified fabric with Cisco Nexus switches, UCS blade servers and VMware vSphere. These labs are used for official secure multi-tenancy courses as well as IVA-demo labs (Imagine Virtually Anything) during channel and customer events held by the three vendors and their partners.

Fast Lane Team at NetApp Innovation in Berlin

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