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Troubleshooting and performance optimisation in complex networks

New Fast Lane training course for network experts: “Optimising Network Performance with Wireshark (OPNW)”

Hamburg/Berlin, 20 April 2011 – The IT training specialist Fast Lane ( has designed a new course focusing on the Wireshark analysis program. The course FL-ONPW provides participants with specific knowledge and information regarding the identification and analysis of performance problems in complex networks. The four-day training course is intended in particular for network administrators and other technical staff responsible for troubleshooting and performance optimisation of networks.

The course provides participants with extensive knowledge on how to avoid configuration and design errors that would slow down a network’s performance. The Fast Lane instructor then goes on to explain how performance complications can be contained and isolated, using an example featuring a complex, meshed network and multi-level client-server applications. The course attendees then put the theoretical knowledge gained into practice in illustrative, practical exercises involving the determination of latency times in stretches of network and active components. They also learn how to accurately calculate throughput and response times using Wireshark and Microsoft Excel, as well as how to present such information in suitable diagrams.

An overview of the course content:
  • Determination of response times (from the point of view of the user) using a network trace
  • Measuring network latency times
  • Tracking TCP connections via NAT/PAT gateways
  • The effect of proxy servers and load balancers on response times
  • The causes of excessive retransmissions and their impact on performance
  • Analysing multi-level client-server applications
  • Tracking client requests to database servers via http connections
  • Identifying network bandwidth bottlenecks using trace files
  • Analysing standard protocols (e.g. SMB or database protocol) to identify application problems using trace files
  • Optimising routing protocols for redundant networks

Price: €2,490 plus VAT