Aruba Certified Professional – Campus Access Exam


This exam validates the candidate’s intermediate knowledge and implementation of wired and wireless networks, including routing/switching, RF applications, security, connectivity, and troubleshooting.


A qui s'adresse cette formation

he ideal candidate has 2 to 5 years of experience with the Aruba portfolio and an understanding of the implications of their actions on the network, impact, and risk of change management. They have a distinguished understanding of different protocols across vendors, performance optimization across network disciplines, and a basic understanding of API calls and configuration. They can identify and fix configuration issues.


Network Stack

  • Describe and differentiate between 802.11, 802.1, and 802.3 technologies


  • Implement foundational networking architectures and technologies
  • Deploy devices

Network Resiliency and device virtualization

  • Implement mechanisms for resiliency, redundancy, and fault tolerance


  • Implement and validate Layer 2/3 technologies


  • Implement RF attributes and wireless functions
  • Build a configuration based on customer requirements


  • Implement routing topologies and functions
  • Describe and deploy distributed overlay fabric


  • Implement security standards and concepts
  • Integrate wireless SSID with EAP-TLS

Authentication / Authorization

  • Implement wired AAA configurations based on customer requirements
  • Implement wireless AAA configurations based on customer requirements

Management and Monitoring

  • Implement and Analyze the output from common network monitoring tools
  • Configure Port Mirroring to collect PCAPs
  • Configure NAE agents 9.4 Configuring UXI sensors for internal and external tests
  • Describe how API scan be used to configure, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your network


  • Define and Perform troubleshooting on wired and wireless networks

Performance Optimization

  • Implement QoS
  • Optimize Wireless Performance
Prix (Hors Taxe)
  • 450,– €