Aruba Certified Professional – Data Center Exam


This exam validates the candidate has the knowledge and skills required to design, deploy, and manage secure, scalable, resilient, and high-performing data center network infrastructure based on HPE Aruba Networking data center products.


A qui s'adresse cette formation

Typical candidates have a minimum of three years of experience implementing and supporting data center networks.

They can:

  • Design and validate data center networks that meet customer requirements.
  • Deploy HPE Aruba Data Center Networking switches into greenfield or brownfield network environments.
  • Integrate data center networking switches with other products such as servers, storage, hypervisors, etc. from HPE or 3rd party vendors.
  • Troubleshoot, monitor, and maintain the data center network.


1. Plan the low-level design
  • 1.1 Based on a high-level network design, create a low-level design for deployment based on HPE Aruba Networking data center switches
  • 1.2 Based on the low-level design, create and/or validate the BoM
  • 1.3 Determine if the physical environment and data center infrastructure meet the needs of the solution and recommend changes as needed.
2. Install the solution
  • 2.1 Stage the network equipment to enable testing prior to the final installation
  • 2.2 Execute the physical installation of equipment
  • 2.3 Validate the installation
3. Configure the solution
  • 3.1 Using various interface mechanisms, implement the low-level design
  • 3.2 Verify that the configuration meets the design requirements
  • 3.3 Configure monitoring tools
4. Troubleshoot
  • 4.1 Diagnose issues using embedded diagnostic tools
  • 4.2 Determine the severity of issues and develop a plan of action to remediate the problem
  • 4.3 Resolve the issues using the appropriate tools
5. Create a monitored environment
  • 5.1 Use available monitoring and reporting tools to monitor performance, availability, and system resources
  • 5.2 Establish baselines and define alert thresholds
  • 5.3 Generate reports to determine switch and data center health
6. Maintain and optimize
  • 6.1 Monitor HPE and third-party release cycles
  • 6.2 Maintain licenses and subscriptions
  • 6.3 Optimize traffic
  • 6.4 Optimize security
  • 6.5 Optimize automation
7. Integration
  • 7.1 Implement specific switch features that integrate and interoperate with server, storage, workload, and applications
Prix (Hors Taxe)
  • 450,– €