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ThingWorx Training

Learn to easily develop and deliver powerful Enterprise IoT solutions that deliver transformative business value by mastering ThingWorx technology, purpose-built from the ground up for the Internet of Things.

The ThingWorx Platform delivers a full-set of IoT specific development capabilities that make solutions more powerful and time to market faster.

Fast Lane has a long tradition in helping our customers achieve their training and business objectives. Starting with the delivery of thousands of IT, Business and Soft Skills courses delivered in multiple countries and more than a dozen languages, Fast Lane also boasts a strong track record of providing a variety of services related to the transfer of skills and knowledge.

As an authorized PTC Training Partner we offer the official PTC ThingWorx curriculum.

The ThingWorx platform is field-proven to accelerate industrial innovation – including the rapid development of industrial IoT applications, Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and more. It includes technologies and tools that enable the industrial enterprise to quickly and easily develop, deploy and extend IoT apps and game-changing AR experiences. ThingWorx offers the flexibility to be deployed in a variety of ways.

Learn more about what makes the ThingWorx platform uniquely positioned to help deliver industrial innovation for your business:


ThingWorx connects disparate devices, clouds and applications, providing access to multiple sources of data for consumption by IoT solutions.

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ThingWorx empowers industrial businesses to quickly and easily create and deploy IoT applications.

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ThingWorx automates complex analytical processes that enhance industrial IoT solutions through real-time insights, predictions and recommendations.

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Create, deploy and consume industrial IoT applications and game-changing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences with ThingWorx

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ThingWorx-powered applications simplify the management of connected products, empowering business users to better monitor, manage and optimize devices, systems and processes.

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