NOM OPTIC Data Lake Reporting 2021.x Essentials (NOMCDF120-202111) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Course Overview
  • Identify the contents and objectives of the course
  • Define the class schedule and class logistics
  • Identify the related courses
  • Discuss the lab environment details
Module 2: Introduction to OPTIC and CDF Architecture
  • Learn about OPTIC Platform
  • Describe the Container Deployment Foundation (CDF) architecture
  • Describe the Containers
  • Learn about Key Container terminology
Module 3: NOM Suite and BVD Overview
  • Overview of NOM Suite
  • Understand the NOM Suite deployment and its components
  • NOM Suite Integration architecture with OPTIC NOM CDF
  • Describe the Containerized NOM Suite deployment and its components
  • Describe the types of data that can be presented in the BVD
  • Describe the NOM data sources that can provide data to the BVD
  • Navigate the BVD user interface
  • Describe the available resources for BVD
Module 4: Getting Started with BVD
  • Install Tools and Samples
  • Import Visio stencil into MS Visio
  • Describe the BVD widgets
  • Use Microsoft Visio to create the Visio Dashboards and SVG files
  • Upload the SVG files in BVD
  • Learn about Widget properties
  • Describe the Dashboard Creation Process
  • Develop Custom Widget
Module 5: Integrating NNMi and NA with BVD
  • Explain dimensions and tags
  • Send data from NNMi to BVD
  • Send data from NA to BVD
  • Integrate Custom Data sources with BVD
  • Link Data Channels to BVD widgets
  • Configure Dashboard shapes or widgets
  • Display data in Dashboards
  • Connect BVD to Vertica Database
Module 6: OPTIC Data Lake – NOM Data Collection and Reporting
  • OPTIC Data Lake Data Collection
  • Integrate OPTIC Data Lake with NNMi and NA
  • Connect BVD to Vertica Database
  • Configure Data collectors - setup metric queries
  • Configure Data Collectors - setup parameter queries
  • Learn about Data calculation functions
Module 7: Using NOM OPTIC DL Reporting
  • NOM Inventory Reports
  • NOM Component Health Reports
  • NOM Interface Health Reports
  • NOM Network Automation Reports
  • NOM Quality Assurance Probes Reports
  • NOM Quality of Service Reports (QoS)
  • NOM MPLS Reports
  • NOM Traffic Reports
  • NOM IPT Reports
Module 8: Performance Troubleshooting and BYOBI Reporting
  • Performance Troubleshooting with OPTIC DL
  • View Incident Details
  • Learn BYOBI Concepts
Module 9: BVD Administration
  • Manage Dashboards
  • Manage Templates
  • Use Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Manage Users
  • Create new roles, groups, and users
  • Modify Settings
  • BVD Deployment High Availability & Scaling
  • Learn about Logging and Troubleshooting
Module 10: CDF Administration
  • Learn about CDF Scripts
  • Learn commands to Administer CDF
  • Shut Down & Restart CDF
  • Scaling CDF for High Availability
  • Vertica Database Administration
  • Backup CDF OPTIC DL components and Vertica