NOM OPTIC Data Lake Reporting 2021.x Essentials (NOMCDF120-202111)


Résumé du cours

Containerized NOM offers stakeholders Dashboarding and Reporting capabilities based on data collected from Micro Focus products such as Network Node Manager i (NNMi) and Network Automation (NA). It includes several components such as OPTIC Data Lake (OPTIC DL), Business Value Dashboard (BVD), and Vertica DB. The OPTIC Data Lake collects and normalizes network monitoring-related data, which gets stored in the Vertica database and is then presented through BVD.

This three-day, entry-level, instructor-led training course offers technical personnel, who are new to Network Operations Management (NOM) - Container Deployment Foundation (CDF) Suite, OPTIC DL, and BVD, the opportunity to develop hands-on experience in applying the fundamental principles, methodologies, and capabilities for managing and displaying NOM reporting data using BVD & OPTIC DL.

In this course, you will learn how to get started with BVD, create BVD dashboards using Visio stencils to visualize information from different sources in an informative & appealing way, configure & use OOTB NOM OPTIC DL reports, create custom Dashboards, manage BVD user access and permissions, and integrate NOM data sources & data collectors with BVD and OPTIC DL. This course includes hands-on labs that use v2020.11 of the OPTIC CDF platform for the NOM Suite.

Moyens Pédagogiques :
  • Quiz pré-formation de vérification des connaissances (si applicable)
  • Réalisation de la formation par un formateur agréé par l’éditeur
  • Formation réalisable en présentiel ou en distanciel
  • Mise à disposition de labs distants/plateforme de lab pour chacun des participants (si applicable à la formation)
  • Distribution de supports de cours officiels en langue anglaise pour chacun des participants
    • Il est nécessaire d'avoir une connaissance de l'anglais technique écrit pour la compréhension des supports de cours
Moyens d'évaluation :
  • Quiz pré-formation de vérification des connaissances (si applicable)
  • Évaluations formatives pendant la formation, à travers les travaux pratiques réalisés sur les labs à l’issue de chaque module, QCM, mises en situation…
  • Complétion par chaque participant d’un questionnaire et/ou questionnaire de positionnement en amont et à l’issue de la formation pour validation de l’acquisition des compétences

A qui s'adresse cette formation

This course is intended for:

  • Network Administrators
  • Network Operators


To be successful in this course, you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge:

  • Network device operations, principles, and practices
  • Network monitoring principles and practices using SNMP protocol
  • Industry-standard operating systems


Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Learn about OPTIC Platform and NOM CDF Suite
  • Describe the architecture of the Container Deployment Foundation (CDF)
  • Explain the OPTIC CDF and Key Container Terminology
  • Describe the Containerized NOM Suite deployment and its components
  • Use the Business Value Dashboard (BVD) to effectively identify and represent different types of data
  • Navigate the BVD user interface
  • Create and use BVD Dashboards to meet the information needs of specific users
  • Integrate NOM Data Sources (NNMi and NA) with BVD
  • Perform OPTIC Data Lake – NOM data sources integration
  • Generate NOM data source based OOTB (Out-Of-The-Box) reports
  • Integrate Data Collectors with BVD
  • Manage BVD user access and permissions
  • Learn about BVD Administration
  • Describe about CDF and Vertica Administration


Module 1: Course Overview
  • Identify the contents and objectives of the course
  • Define the class schedule and class logistics
  • Identify the related courses
  • Discuss the lab environment details
Module 2: Introduction to OPTIC and CDF Architecture
  • Learn about OPTIC Platform
  • Describe the Container Deployment Foundation (CDF) architecture
  • Describe the Containers
  • Learn about Key Container terminology
Module 3: NOM Suite and BVD Overview
  • Overview of NOM Suite
  • Understand the NOM Suite deployment and its components
  • NOM Suite Integration architecture with OPTIC NOM CDF
  • Describe the Containerized NOM Suite deployment and its components
  • Describe the types of data that can be presented in the BVD
  • Describe the NOM data sources that can provide data to the BVD
  • Navigate the BVD user interface
  • Describe the available resources for BVD
Module 4: Getting Started with BVD
  • Install Tools and Samples
  • Import Visio stencil into MS Visio
  • Describe the BVD widgets
  • Use Microsoft Visio to create the Visio Dashboards and SVG files
  • Upload the SVG files in BVD
  • Learn about Widget properties
  • Describe the Dashboard Creation Process
  • Develop Custom Widget
Module 5: Integrating NNMi and NA with BVD
  • Explain dimensions and tags
  • Send data from NNMi to BVD
  • Send data from NA to BVD
  • Integrate Custom Data sources with BVD
  • Link Data Channels to BVD widgets
  • Configure Dashboard shapes or widgets
  • Display data in Dashboards
  • Connect BVD to Vertica Database
Module 6: OPTIC Data Lake – NOM Data Collection and Reporting
  • OPTIC Data Lake Data Collection
  • Integrate OPTIC Data Lake with NNMi and NA
  • Connect BVD to Vertica Database
  • Configure Data collectors - setup metric queries
  • Configure Data Collectors - setup parameter queries
  • Learn about Data calculation functions
Module 7: Using NOM OPTIC DL Reporting
  • NOM Inventory Reports
  • NOM Component Health Reports
  • NOM Interface Health Reports
  • NOM Network Automation Reports
  • NOM Quality Assurance Probes Reports
  • NOM Quality of Service Reports (QoS)
  • NOM MPLS Reports
  • NOM Traffic Reports
  • NOM IPT Reports
Module 8: Performance Troubleshooting and BYOBI Reporting
  • Performance Troubleshooting with OPTIC DL
  • View Incident Details
  • Learn BYOBI Concepts
Module 9: BVD Administration
  • Manage Dashboards
  • Manage Templates
  • Use Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Manage Users
  • Create new roles, groups, and users
  • Modify Settings
  • BVD Deployment High Availability & Scaling
  • Learn about Logging and Troubleshooting
Module 10: CDF Administration
  • Learn about CDF Scripts
  • Learn commands to Administer CDF
  • Shut Down & Restart CDF
  • Scaling CDF for High Availability
  • Vertica Database Administration
  • Backup CDF OPTIC DL components and Vertica

Prix & Delivery methods

Formation en ligne

3 jours

  • 3 000,– €
Formation en salle équipée

3 jours

  • France : 3 000,– €


Délai d’accès – inscription possible jusqu’à la date de formation
Instructor-led Online Training :   Cours en ligne avec instructeur


Fuseau horaire : Heure d'été d'Europe centrale (HAEC)   ±1 heure

Formation en ligne Fuseau horaire : Heure d'été d'Europe centrale (HAEC) Langue : Anglais